Cafe des Amis


This is an antique water well. It was functional in days past, as the only source of water drawn from an underground spring.


The bridge entering Breaux Bridge, La. In the local vernacular, “Pon Breaux”. The crustacean overlay masking the US flag is a Louisiana Crawfish.


8545 Hooper Road                                      550 words


Baton Rouge, La. 70811


Telephone: 504 390 3827




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Breakfast Served With Zydeco Dancing As Lagniappe






It’s Saturday morning, immediately after sunrise, in mid October and there is a slight chill in the air.  The fall season in Louisiana delivers its magnificence early in the AtchafalayaBasin.  The impact of natures beauty is interrupted by an immediate need for nourishment, while traveling west on I-10 from Baton Rouge, La.


The sign ahead identifies an exit into Breaux Bridge, La. at exit 109.  The decision to exit comes with no difficulty, as the need for food is a great motivator.  We travel two miles south on La. 328 and turn right at Bridge St.  On the left side of the street, immediately after crossing the drawbridge, there is a crowd moving into a storefront restaurant.  The sign above the entry reads, Café’ Des Amis.


While walking toward the restaurant, sounds of the local culture dominate the air.  There is no mistaking the sounds of


an accordion, rubbing boards, rhythm guitar and drums as we move closer to the entrance.  These are the sounds of Lil Nathan and The Zydeco Cha-Cha’s.  The syncopation and vocals of this artist are worth the $4.00 price of admission.


You can certainly enjoy Zydeco bands throughout Southern Louisiana.  I am not aware of any other restaurant that will provide this type music at 7:00 AM…in addition to a fine selection of local foods at a reasonable price.  There is also a well stocked bar, that features bartenders as part of the entertainment.


My choice this morning was, “The Big Hat Breakfast”.  This selection includes; Crawfish Au Gratin (Eggs to order with special sauce topped with crawfish), andouille cheese grits, and toast with butter and jelly. As this was a festive atmosphere, a mimosa was the choice of drink.  The cost for this alone was less than $10.00.  When you order a meal, the cost of admission is deducted from the bill.  That is a wonderful arrangement.


This is a family restaurant and there is dancing as long as the band is playing.  According to Brodie Romero, “Café’ Des Amis” has been in business for 12 years.  Brodie is the headwaiter during the morning shift.


The crowd is friendly and people come from different parts of the country to enjoy a unique culture that is Acadiana at its


finest.  I shared a breakfast table with David Welcome.  He is a retired federal worker from Iowa and a Viet Nam veteran.  His passion is to come to Café’ Des Amis every Saturday morning for breakfast and dancing.


Another interesting person from Café’ Des Amis is “Hogie”.  She is an artist from upstate New York that sells washboard ties inside the restaurant.  Washboard ties are replicas of an instrument used by Zydeco musicians during the performance.


David, Hogie, and Brodie are examples of the wonderful people that frequent this restaurant on Saturday mornings.  The following is a link that will provide all pertinent information needed for your enjoyment at Café’ Des Amis, menu, events, history, location, and contact information.


Contact link







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